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Links to sites offering railroad webcams in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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  • A must see Portland, OR Live webcam Open this link in a new window
    Live Amtrak and UP operations updated every 15 Sec. around the clock! Both the Northbound & Southbound Amtrak Coast Starlight stops in view of this camera for 20 minutes or more every day! Also served by Amtrak Empire Builder & Cascades Talgo.
    URL: http://www.railcams.com/portland/pdxcam1.html (Added: 11-Oct-2001)
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  • California - Oakland, West Oakland UP Yard webcam Open this link in a new window
    Located on San Francisco Bay, the Port of Oakland is the 4th busiest containerport in the U.S. In 2003, 1.92 million Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) of containers moved through Oakland, or enough to make a wall eight feet high, eight feet wide, and over 7,000 miles long
    URL: http://live6.truelook.com/face/newface.jsp?func=0&name=/port/cam/camera3&pan=-115.36499&tilt=-4.675&panfov=11.675&tiltfov=9.1&overlay=default&skin=default&useapplet=false&time=1034271735904&width=448 (Added: 21-May-2004)
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  • Dunsmuir RailCam Open this link in a new window
    View of the UP line, used by Amtrak's Coast Starlight, near the CA-OR border.
    URL: http://www.trainorders.com/cameras/dunsmuir (Added: 2-Sep-2001)
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  • Illinois - Chicago, El Train Open this link in a new window
    With views from the top of the Sun-Times building, it's a real "iSight" in to the Windy City. Select "El Train" from the pull down menu to see a view of the Elevated Trains on the famous Loop in downtown Chicago.
    URL: http://live11.truelook.com/face/newface.jsp?name=/accuwthr/ilsuntimes&func=live&skin=adc_sun&overlay=default (Added: 21-May-2004)
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  • Milepost 235 Open this link in a new window
    See the latest BNSF iron horse thunder across the Mississippi River over the World's Largest Swing Span Bridge! Also features Amtrak Southwest Chief.
    URL: http://www.milepost235.com/ (Added: 14-Jan-2002)
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  • Tehachapi RailCam Open this link in a new window
    View of the busiest single-track railroad on the continent, used by BNSF & UP.
    URL: http://www.trainorders.com/cameras/tehachapi (Added: 2-Sep-2001)
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  • The CarcrossCam Open this link in a new window
    Located in Carcross, Yukon Territory, Canada. View of Yukon & White Pass Narrow Gauge Railroad.
    URL: http://www.yukonalaska.com/webcam/webcam/index.htm (Added: 2-Sep-2001)
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  • The KMBC Live Cam - Kansas City, Mo. Open this link in a new window
    The KMBC Live Cam is mounted high above downtown Kansas City, Mo. on the roof of the Marriott Hotel. The camera angle frequently changes, so check back for different panoramic views of the area.
    URL: http://www.thekansascitychannel.com/weather/livecams/ (Added: 11-Oct-2001)
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  • Traffic Cams - Cleveland, OH Open this link in a new window
    Here you can see Norfolk Southern Trains as they cross the Valley View bridge. This camera rotates images, so you may not see tracks everytime.
    URL: http://www.cleveland.com/traffic/traffic2/ (Added: 11-Oct-2001)
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  • Woodside, NY - Cafe 52 Webcam. Open this link in a new window
    The webcam is looking North towards the Bronx. In the distance is LaGuardia Airport and the Whitstone Bridge. In the forground is the Long Island Railroad.
    URL: http://www.cafe52.com/cam.php3 (Added: 11-Oct-2001)
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  • California - San Diego, Truelook Livecam Open this link in a new window
    LIVE from the top of One America Plaza in San Diego SOUTH WebCam. Includes views of San Diego Trolley and Commuter Rail line. Scroll to the right (north) to view the rail lines
    URL: http://live6.truelook.com/face/newface.jsp?zoom=3.0&name=%2Fecodb%2Fsandiego%2Foneamerica&pan=71.778275&panfov=15.566667&tiltfov=12.133334&tilt=-22.366665&oldimage=1034704824954654&width=448&height=33 (Added: 21-May-2004)
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  • California - Ventura, Ventura Station Open this link in a new window
    You move the camera using your mouse. Click on the overview (lower) picture on the upper edge, about 1/8 of the way left from the right hand edge to see the Amtrak platform. The station is to the left of the freeway, about halfawy between the notch in the roof and the left edge. You will be looking north-west-ish, up the California coast
    URL: http://web.insidevc.com/webcam/ (Added: 21-May-2004)
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  • Canal Cam - Cape Cod, MA Open this link in a new window
    Distant view of railroad lift bridge. You are looking eastward at the Cape Cod Canal.
    URL: http://www.maritime.edu/L3.cfm?pageID=41&parent=0 (Added: 21-May-2004)
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